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  1. You need to provide the required documents for renting the Camera/Equipment.

  2. Documents are for our security purpose only & we cannot give the cameras on rent if you doesn't provide the documents.

  3. Documents cannot be returned to you if you keep any pending amount of the rental charges.

  4. Documents must be of the person who is collecting the Camera.

  5. Please check each & everything while collecting the camera, because once after taking camera for rent, you are only responsible if any damage caused to it.

  6. Please co-operate to our staff while renting camera/equipment.

  7. If any damage caused to the camera/equipment, You need to pay the present market price of it.

  8.  If any illegal/unauthorised work done by you, then a complaint will be registered againt you at the Police Station for acting fraud with us.

  9. You need to pay the total rental charges at first while collecting the Camera/Equipment.

  10. Maximum days of Extending Camera/ Equipment is 1 Day only.

  11. If you want to Extend the Rented Product then you should inform us before 6 Hours of the Return time and should pay the Extended Rental charges through online transfer.

  12. You need to return the Camera/Equipment within the rental period only. Next day rental charges will be applied after that period.

  13. A complaint will be registered at the Police Station if you are not returning the Camera/Equipment or not responding to our calls/messages or misbehaving with us or not paying the rental charges.

  14. You need to book the Camera/Equipment in advance, if you need for sure.

  15. No Refund & No Re-Scheduling can be done once booking or taking the Camera for rent.

  16. Without booking, Camera/Equipment can be given to first coming client (FCFS).

  17. Your booking slot will be confirmed only if you pay advance. Otherwise it is not considered as booking.

  18.  For booking, you can visit our office and pay cash or make it through online transfer.

  19. You must copy the data before returning the camera. We are not responsible of your data. Cards cannot be given back seperately for copying the data.

  20. For Mid-Range & Professional Cameras, Lenses & Equipments, price will be charged according to season, bookings & busy days. It will be charged like per visit, schedule & daily basis.

  21. One visit is Considered as 8 Hours For High-end Camera & Equipments.

  22. One day is considered as 22 hours (not 24 hours) for Basic Cameras.

  23. If you take it for one day or one hour, it will be calculated as one day rental only for Basic Cameras.

  24. You need to return the camera within 22 hours from the time you collect the Camera.

  25. If you need any Invoice for the rental charges, please ask company to provide.

  26. 18% GST will be added for GST Bills on the Rental Price.

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